10 Tips to Improve Your Blog

Nowadays everyone has a blog, so you must do something to make your stand and be the best. I do not mean drastic changes, but sometimes a few small tweaks is all you need to make your blog better.

If yes, then you’re missing in the blog comments, because eventually be putting an obstacle in the conversation between you and the reader. If it does then you should be losing comments. Put an obstacle in the conversation between you and the readers could be enough for them not comment on the blog.

You are trying to attract more subscribers? Only with an orange button? Maybe your link says “RSS” or “Subscribe.” It would be a good idea to look at this in a “non-technical” and change it to something more acclaimed. Something like ” Subscribe to Latest Articles “or” Subscribe to Updates “, because not everyone knows what RSS is, so I advise you to be more specific.

I’m sure many people do not work do not realize what RSS is, but I also know that these same receive e-mails. So make sure that they know they can receive updates via email, this will probably make your list of subscribers to grow faster.

What is the reason to announce that it has no comments in your articles?

Receiving feedback is difficult, especially the former, but users of your blog does not have to know that has no or even a few. Change only the terminology of “No Comments” to “comments” because it removes the negative of the equation and becomes just a link to the feedback form.

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I personally like to share good articles, so you have to help make sharing easier and simpler inside your blog. Services like ShareThis or AddThis they have a tendency to hide the social buttons until someone clicks on them. I say that the show, they bring them back outside, at least from Twitter and Facebook , so people see them and click on them without having to be looking for these for your whole blog.

Because not all speak or understand English, why not add a button to translate your blog, site into other languages? It’s fast and simple and its contents will be accessible to a new world.

Today we see the use of ads. The owners of the blogs they want to make money with your ads to pay for your accommodation or even iPads, LCDs. But the ads can draw attention to the content if they are placed in the center and in front of the blog. Consider integrating your ads in a way that does not kill the usability.

How many widgets are in the sidebar (sidebar) on your blog? It has ads and counters, plugins of social networking and more? The sidebar (sidebar) should not be a junk drawer, but clean and simple.

What is the look of your theme? Is that sad theme that comes by default in WordPress? Who has over 5 years. Theme directory has thousands of WordPress themes that you can give a quick “facelift” in the face of your blog. Of course there are more options such as pay and quality issues as they can find in themeforest , or better yet, create your own theme and be original.

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Blogs are about content. It’s about what you write and how it is useful to your target audience. If you have written in poor, sure, then it is time for the highlight. A good article for your blog takes time to be written, but it’s worth.

Your blog is your virtual home and want to keep it user-friendly “or may become, if not,. Not only will your visitors to enjoy it, but also the search engines and in the end everyone will be happy.

Hope you enjoy these tips to improve your blog, thus making it increasingly a reference on the Internet.

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