5 Best Ways to Send Files Online

As we expand our life and work through the internet, the need to share files is perpetual. While sending small batches of PDFs or a couple of music files is not a big problem, sending large files or a bulk of small files is both tiring and time-consuming. But there are better ways to send files than using your email to transfer it. Here are five web-based services that help you send files online.


YouSendIt lets you share files as big as 100 MB each by uploading. It has become a very popular file sharing service in recent years. It has an email form and you can send the uploaded file through the email from the website’s home page. The only problem is the uploaded file is available for download for only 7 days.

Sendspace is a file transfer network that offers free file hosting service for a definite period of time. On the website sendspace.com, you can upload files of up to 300 MB without registering. Registered users can manage and edit uploads for free. To control bandwidth cost, free users can download maximum of 1 GB per day. Premium users have no such restrictions.

Transfer Big Files lets you send files as big as 1 GB by each email. You can add password protection to the files. You can add personal notes in the email that you send to the recipients of the file. When your friend downloads the file, you will get an email notification saying so. You can send an uploaded file to multiple recipients at the same time.

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This is service can send the biggest file among the five discussed- it allows files of up to 5 GB in size to be sent. Movies, videos, .exe files, photos and virtually any file can be sent through File Dropper. Just upload the file and get a link that you can email to the person whom you want to download the file. The best thing about File Dropper is that it is not mandatory to go through any registration or sign up process. However, signing up has its perks- you can track your files, password protect them, mark the files as private and can delete the files after sending. There is one problem with File Dropper- you cannot upload multiple files at the same time.

Tonsho is a clever little service that makes sharing large files very easy. You don’t need to visit a website or even upload a file. You just have to send an email through any regular email client like Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird with your file attached. The email passes through Tonsho servers and if they detect that the attachment is too big to send normally, it is uploaded to their servers automatically and the recipient of the email gets a link. It is undoubtedly less work for the sender but email security is a concern for most. There are more file sharing services online and there are several desktop clients. Cloud services are also good for sharing if you and your friends and colleagues share the same Cloud space.

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