50 Tips Marketing with Social Media

Social Media Marketing is one of the checklist that important to be done by your business. Moreover, in the present. Social Media like the newly formed galaxies which contains the ranks of planets (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) that has been inhabited by millions of accounts that ‘hungry’ for information. Imagine if your business can go here. So, let’s do it now. Here are 50 tricks social media that you can use.
1. You must have blog media. Because social media marketing activities could not be separated from content sharing, which is posting the latest articles in your blog.

2. Create writings that inspire, informative and educative. Since its interesting so other people want to share it with their friends. This is the basic foundation from social media marketing.

3. Write routinely, themed, and scheduled, so that readers are willing to visit your blog again and again.

4. Learn to write headlines / titles that can attract other people to read the rest of your article.

5. Place Retweet button next to the title and at the bottom of your post.

6. Place also Facebook Share button at the top and at the bottom of each post.

7. Place Facebook ‘like box‘ at the most visible in the sidebar of your blog, so your readers can “Like” your Facebook Page while reading your blog writings.

8. Create “subscribe via email” or “subscribe via RSS” thus you can work as perfectly as possible.

9. Spread the newsletter on your subscriber which in it contained the address of your Facebook Page.

10. Leave comment on blog belongs to other blogger that the topic same as your.

11. Offer to be contributor on blog belongs to other popular blogger, then put backlinks in each of your article as part from agreement.

12. Once you can collect traffic, award and follower, show on your blog to increase the status.

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13. Now we proceed to Facebook Marketing. We begin by registering newer account. Use regular models account for personal purposes, and use the model of Facebook page for your business.

14. Add friend as much as possible in the personal account to build the network. Put your original photo with the most attractive style. Never make a fake account. Because Facebook users now are smart. And there are no one that likes being lied to.

15. If your friends already collected lots, invite them to Like your Facebook Page.

16. Managing Fans Page need commitment. You must routine update the information in it.

17. Your information should not be monotonous. Eg about the product or promo only. You can be more informative and relaxed with other types of status updates such as consulting, tips trick, breaking news, till 9gag funny photos. But remember, its composition must fitting.

18. Update status of Facebook Page immediately whenever newer article on the blog finished to be posted.

19. Fan Page has statistical features. Eg how many total view status that you create and demographics from your likers Facebook. Here, the status that you create can be segmented.

20. Hold a competition with prizes of Like on your Facebook Page. Or offer free items, such as 1 like 1 facial cleanser.

21. Response to all comments and reply every incoming messages to your Facebook page soon.

22. Create a polling on your status (polling feature at the top of box ‘Write something‘) to build the engagement from you audience.

23. Use custom tab as your landing page. In it can contain video or interesting offers like vouchers.

24. Regeneration likers of Facebook. Because your likers was a year ago, maybe now they aren’t active today. It could be that they fall into the category of inactive groups.

25. Next we proceed to Twitter Marketing. If you don’t have Twitter account for business, right now also register your account. Because Twitter usernames similarly like domain names. Ie who fast, he / she can get good.

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26. Get as much Follower. Quantity that matters.

27. Follow those who become your target market. Use tools like twellow.com or manageflitter.com to find those accounts.

28. Follow more from a thousand accounts. Ask Follback. More and more following , your home page will indeed increasingly crowded with unimportant information. That’s all right. The more Follower, the broader range of your message.

29. If you feel need to hear from motivators, then just make personal account that specifically Follow accounts that you think you want to hear its opinion.

30. If you use this trick, don’t you Unfollow afterwards. your brand credibility which is at stake here. You must be careful that hatred can spread rapidly on Twitter.

31. Once you collected so many Twitter Follower, it is time routine to make fresh tweet about tips related to your product or simply jokes. Include links to your website.

32. Include also the appropriate hashtag with your tweet, eg #hosting #domain.

33. Share content on important accounts that relates by mentions their Twitter. If they like, they will Retweet your content to their Follower. Free promotion for you.

34. Use tools like twitterfeed.com to automatically tweet every time there’s a newer update on your blog.

35. Use twitterfeed.com anyway to automatically tweet contents from other bloggers that you trust.

36. Document your conversations via Archive feature in Twitter (click on the Settings menu).

37. Use special services of Twitter Booster.

38. Hatred indeed able to spread rapidly on Twitter. But love can spread more quickly.

39. Finally, we get into Google+ and Youtube Marketing. If you already have Gmail, then now you can make Google+ account, YouTube account, and many other Google products that have been integrated into one.

40. Update your Google+ with important and entertaining information, then Add another user as much as possible to your Circle. If they are interested with your Google+ updates, they will adding your to their Circle.

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41. With the function of Google+ Your World, your SEO will be helped. Suppose you have Google+ account with circle-circle. If you search “John Smith” at Google (there are a million people in the U.S. with the name John Smith). So that will be displayed the first time is John Smith that had the most relation to your circle-circle.

42. Then the higher your visibility on Google, the higher also your visibility on the Google search.

43. Other advantage from Google+ is Google Autorship. When doing a search, you may often find author photo that displayed on the side of search results. This was Google Authorship. The main requirement is to have Google+ account.

44. Through “Local” feature on Google+, users can share the recommendation about the places they’ve visited. These recommendations will be displayed when you click “Local” menu in Google+.

45. Youtube Marketing basically the same like blogging. But in addition for providing written content, your content is packaged in the form of video quality.

46. Interviewed an important figures on the real world. Or covering the latest phenomenon with your own style, without the gimmick from other news providers.

47. Write headline that fits your business keywords. Write a tempting style that the user would like to play your video.

48. Include links that point to your website / blog on the profile and description.

49. Share automatically to your social media every time after posting the new video (Found on Account settings> Activity Sharing menu).

50. Use Other social media which non-mainstream, but has many users such as LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Slideshare, till Deviantart. Explore further to bring more and more Lead Generation (total visitors) for your business.

Well, that’s some few tricks marketing with social media. Happy Testing.

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