How to add custom domain name to blogger blog

Blogger is a largest free blogging platform in the world. They allow you to create a free blog in their free hosting. They provide you only a free subdomain ( ex. and hosting for your blogging. But you don’t get any top level domain (ex. freely. It is very important to add a top level domain in your blogspot site to continue your blogging. Every beginners, think that to add custom domain in blogspot is so hard. But today we show you how to add custom domain in your blogspot site easily. We will show you this tutorial with some easy steps with screenshots. We sure you can able to add custom domain in your blogger site after finishing this tutorial. You must to buy a top level domain before start this tutorial. Buy your domain from a top domain provider company, then your domain will be in safe. After buying, start to add custom domain in your blog.

1) To add custom domain in your blogger blog, go to your Blogger dashboard . Now find the Settings option from left sidebar menus. click on Settings and follow the next step.

2) Now Basic setting window will be opened and you should find out Publishing > Blog Address section from that page. Click on + Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog to add custom domain in your blog.

3) After clicking, you should see Third party domain settings option. Now enter your domain name in the provided box with adding before www. Because, Blogger doesn’t allow you to setup naked domain (ex. in their hosting. Your Blogger custom domain will be like So enter your top level domain here and click on Save button. Before doing this, keep ‘Use a missing files host?’ option unchanged.

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4) Now, you can see a notification We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12. At this stage you have to set up DNS (Domain Name System) setting in your domain provider company’s dashboard. Here you will be given two CNAMEs to add your custom domain.

5) Go to your domain provider company’s DNS Management setting page and add these two CNAMEs (Alias) records. For first CNAMEs record enter www in Name, Label, or Host field and enter in Destination, Target, or Points To field. Add the second CNAMEs like this way. You needn’t change to TTL and click on Finish button. (The following screen-shot is given from GoDaddy add zone record page. The all domain providers DNS management systems are about same).


6) Now, you have to add some A-records to solve a big issue of your site. If you haven’t set up these A-records, then when a visitors enter your naked domain (ex.; they will face error page. You have to add 4 A-records with these following IPs to fix this problem.

Go to your DNS Management option of your domain provider again and add the above IPs separately in Destination, Target, or Points To field. Enter ‘@’ in Name, Label, or Host field for all IPs. You have to add all A-records separately. After finishing, this stage your naked domain ( will be redirect automatically to

7) Now, come back again your, Blogger Third party domain settings option in Setting page and click on Save button . When your CNAMEs record will be submitted in your domain provider server, then it will be saved successfully. Here, you can see a check box “Redirect to”. Tick this check box before saving.

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It can take about one hour or more time to activate your blogger custom domain. Then you can’t save at 7 steps or final stage. Then a warning message will be shown. But if your domain provider server accept your all records shortly, then you can save your custom domain finally. Just wait and add custom domain in your blogger blog.

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