Project Outcomes

    This page will contain all public reports and tools produced by the SILENCE project.

    Vehicle – Tyre – Road Interaction

    Possibilities to Replace Outdoor Coast-by Tyre/Road Noise Measurements with Laboratory Drum Measurements
    Legislation Related Issues

    Road Vehicle Noise

    Weighted Residual Method for Source Characterisation
    Pressure Field Based Powertrain and Sound Propagation Description
    Experimental Pass-By Noise Source Analysis
    Passenger Car with Adapted Acoustic Lining in the Engine Bay
    Acoustically Optimised Powertrain with Highly Damped Structural Parts

    Road Surface

    Promising New Road Surfaces for Testing
    Overview of Technologies and Systems to Detect Pavement Discontinuities Including Assessment of Importance to Noise Reduction
    State of the Art on Noise Classification Methods
    User Manual: Equipment Specification, Calibration Method, Measurement Procedure

    Road Traffic Flow

    Effectiveness and Benefits of Traffic Flow Measures on Noise Control

    City Planning

    State of the Art on Noise Abatement Policies and Tools in Cities
    State of the Art on Barriers and Solutions to Implementing Noise Scenarios
    Analysis of Soundscapes (1)
    Analysis of Soundscapes (2)
    Recommendations for Soundscape Design (1)
    Recommendations for Soundscape Design (2)


    Project Presentation
    SILENCE Leaflet
    First SILENCE newsletter
    Second SILENCE newsletter
    Third SILENCE newsletter
    Proceedings of the first SILENCE Seminar
    Article in ‘Strasse und Autobahn’