SILENCE Final Training Conference – Bergisch Gladbach, 28-29 May 2008

Press article ‘EU noise levels rising’
Recognising the problem: the impact of noise on the citizen – Barbara Griefahn, IFADO
Overview of the SILENCE project – Franz Brandl, SILENCE Coordinator, AVL-List


Urban transport noise abatement: challenges for the future


Road vehicles – Eugene Nijman, Centro Richerche Fiat
Tyres – Ernst-Ulrich Saemann, Continental
Road surfaces – Hans Bendtsen, DRI
Rail – Pierre-Etienne Gautier, SNCF
City planning & traffic management – Melanie Koth, Polis and Lars Elleberg, DRI


SESSION 1:Local noise action plans – action planning process and noise abatement measures


Introduction – Melanie Kloth, Polis
Noise reducing potential of traffic management – Lars Elleberg, DRI
Driver behaviour and noise – Ernst Pullwit, TÜV
Low noise urban road surfaces – Guy Descornet, BRRC (1)
Low noise urban road surfaces – Guy Descornet, BRRC (2)
A step-by-step approach to noise action planning – Melanie Kloth, Polis
Towards a Noise Action Plan for Bristol – Steve Crawshaw, Bristol City Council
Dublin Noise Policy- Hugh Finlay, DTI


SESSION 2:Modelling the pass-by noise of cars and trains


If you are interested in the SILENCE modelling tool VAMPPASS, contact us.


SESSION 3:How to reduce rail transport noise?


Source ranking Priorities for noise reduction from rail – Franck Poisson, SNCF
Noise reduction for cooling systems on railway vehicles – Anders Frid, Bombardier
Diesel powerpack systems. Ways to reduce noise – Sylvain Recorbet – Alstom
How to reduce annoyance from rail depots in urban areas – Margreet Beuving, DeltaRail
Reduction of rolling noise. Field tests in SILENCE – Bernd Asmussen, Deutsche Bahn


SESSION 4.1:How to reduce road transport noise? Technological innovations for road transport noise


Vibro-acoustic characterisation of rolling tyres, Prof. Enrico Primo Tomasini, CRF
Simulating tyre-road interaction – Wolfgang Kropp, Patrick Sabiniarz, CHALMERS
PTF method  noise prediction and source characterization – C. Sandier , N. Totar, INSA
Approximate reconstruction of sound fields close to the surface -Jens Prager, Björn A.T. Petersson, TU Berlin
Tyre-road noise radiation modelling – Chiara Vicari, CRF
Investigations of local contact phenomena – Gunnar Gäbel, Leibniz University Hannover, Matthias Kröger, TU Freiberg
Advanced Techniques for Analysis and Control of Pass-by Noise – Franz Brandl, AVL


SESSION 4.2:How to reduce road transport noise? Managing quieter road transport


Driver assistance systems for noise abatement, Andreas Wiberg, Volvo
Noise classification of road surfaces, Guy Descornert, BRRC
Discontinuities and maintenance methods for quieter road surfaces, Michel Bérengier, LCPC
Development of novel road surfaces, Oliver Ripke, BAST



SILENCE Training events – Barcelona, 26 February 2008


(For Politicians)

European and local policy initiatives on noise and urban transport (overview) – Melanie Kloth, Polis
European and local policy initiatives on noise and urban transport (short presentation) – Melanie Kloth, Polis


(For Town & traffic planners)

Why noise matters. Introduction to the European Environmental Noise Directive, health impacts and costs of noise – Karen Vancluysen, Polis
The noise action planning process step by step: Organising the process, involving stakeholders and public, analysing hot spots – Melanie Kloth, Polis
Listen to the Ramblas! The soundwalk approach – Karen Vancluysen, Polis
Abating Noise. Local measures on a short-term basis and long-term strategies – Melanie Kloth, Polis
Noise Abatement in Barcelona – Simon Hayes, Altran DSD



SILENCE Rail Seminar – Paris, 17 January 2008

Programme and Registration
Seminar Proceedings
Overview of the SILENCE project – Pierre-Etienne Gauthier, SNCF
Railway activities in SILENCE – Franck Poisson, SNCF
Diesel Motor Noise Reduction (1) (2) (3) (4) – Sylvain Recorbet, Alstom
Noise Reduction of Cooling Systems – Anders Frid, Bombardier
Traction Equipment – Massimo Viscardi, University of NAples / Ansaldo Breda
Optimised wheels – Daniele Ongaro, Lucchini
Track Absorbers: Concept, Simulation Measurements – David Benton, Corus – Chis Jones, ISVR – Bernd Asmussen, Deutsche Bahn
Depots – Rick Jones, Delta Rail



SILENCE Training event – Warsaw, 14 November 2007  

Programme and Registration
The European Directive on Environmental Noise and Overview of the SILENCE project – Franz Brandl, AVL (replaced by Melanie Kloth, Polis)
Annoyance and Perception. Why should we care about noise? – Anna Preis, Poznan Adam Mickiewicz University
Local Noise Abatement Policy. Where to start? – Karen Vancluysen, Polis
Noise Abatement Policy in Poland. Where do we stand? – Professor Andrzej Kraszewski, Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Environmental Engineering
The role of traffic flow and traffic calming measures – Lars Ellebjerg, Danish Road Institute
The potential of Urban Low-Noise Road Surfaces – Oliver Ripke, BAST
Reducing Noise from Trams in Cities – Anders Frid, Bombardier
Decision Support Systems for Local Noise Policies – Hermann Heich, Heich Consult
The case of Bristol – Steve Crawshaw, Bristol City Council
The case of Barcelona – Simon Hayes, Altran DSD
The case of Paris – Mélaine Bossat, Bruitparif



SILENCE Training Seminar – Clermont-Ferrand, 13 September 2007  

Final Programme
More information: or
Presentation of the EU Framework Directive on Environmental Noise and Overview of the SILENCE project – Alexander Holleis, AVL
Global Modelling Tool to Assess Noise – Franck Poisson, SNCF
Noise Impact Modelling of Road Features for Traffic Flow Management – Judicaël Picaut, LCPC
Noise Abatement Tools for Local Authorities – Karen Vancluysen, Polis
Soundscapes: A New Approach to Urban Design (1), (2)(3)(4)(5)(6) – Catherine Sémidor, GRECAU
Decision Support Systems for Strategic Noise Assessment: the example of the Ile-de-Fra,ce Region – Fanny Mietlicki, Bruitparif



SILENCE Road Seminar 11 June 2007, Presentations and other documents  

Final Programme
Participants’ list
Seminar Proceedings
Overview of the SILENCE project – Franz Brandl, AVL
Parameters Influencing Road Transport Noise – Heinz Steven, TÜV Nord
Vehicle – Tyre – Road Interaction – Ulrich Saemann, Continental
Road Vehicle Noise – Eugene Nijman, Centro Ricerche Fiat
New Production Technologies for Urban Low-Noise Road Surfaces (1) – Ulf Sandberg, VTI
New Production Technologies for Urban Low-Noise Road Surfaces (2) – Oliver Ripke, Bast
Improved Systems for Maintenance of Quieter Road Surfaces – Manfred Haider, Arsenal
Noise Classification Methods for Urban Road Surfaces – Guy Descornet, Begian Road Research Centre
Controlling Noise through Traffic Management – Lars Ellebjerg, Danish Road Institute
Driver Assistance Systems for Quiet Vehicle Operation – Emma Johansson, Volvo

SILENCE Rail Seminar 21 June 2006: Presentations

Final Programme
Overview of the SILENCE Project – Karen Vancluysen, POLIS
Railway Activities in SILENCE – Pierre-Etienne Gautier, SNCF
Railway Activities in SILENCE – Bernd Asmussen, Deutsche Bahn
Tests on Trams – Franck Poisson, SNCF
Tests on Trains – Franck Poisson, SNCF
Diesel Motor Noise Reduction – Sylvain Recorbet, Alstom
Noise Reduction of Fans and Auxiliary Systems – Anders Frid, Bombardier
Traction Equipment – Stefano Ferraiuolo, Ansaldo Breda
Running Gear, Optimised Wheels – Daniele Ongaro, Lucchini
Urban Track Noise Reduction – André Van Leuven, D2S
Track Absorbers – David Farrington, Corus
Depots – Margreet Beuving, AEAT
Round Table Discussion: William Bird, European Commission
Round Table Discussion: Daniel Cadet, Alstom
Round Table Discussion: David Guérin, Bruitparif
Round Table Discussion: Pierre-Etienne Gautier, SNCF
Round Table Discussion: Rick Jones, AEAT



SILENCE Seminar 30 March 2006: Presentations

Final Programme
Overview of the SILENCE project – Franz Brandl, AVL-LIST
Local Noise Abatement Policy:Where to Start? – Karen Vancluysen, Polis
The Impact of Noise Pollution on Citizens’ Health – Barbara Griefahn, Ifado
Towards Quiet Road Surfaces – Guy Descornet, Belgian Road Research Centre
The Role of Traffic Management in Noise Abatement – Lars Ellebjerg Larsen, Danish Road Institute
Silent Rail Vehicles – Pierre-Ettiene Gautier, SNCF
A Common Approach to Air Quality and Noise – Fanny Mietlicki, BruitParif
London’s Noise Action Plan – Max Dixon, Greater London Authority