Sub-Project C

Sub-Project C: Vehicle – Tyre – Road Interaction
SP C will provide design as well as hardware solutions for noise reduction, with respect to vehicle/tyre/road integration and under typical urban and suburban traffic conditions. These solutions will be based on an increased understanding of noise generation and radiation mechanisms gained by the further development of experimental and simulation techniques. In addition, EU noise policies will be supported by establishing foundations for new standards and directives.

Public Reports:

Legislation Related Issues
Possibilities to Replace Outdoor Coast-by Tyre/Road Noise Measurements with Laboratory Drum Measurements
Report on low noise tyres concepts (Autumn 2006)
Low noise tyre (prototype) with normal useful properties (beginning 2008)
Report on worn tyre policy (Autumn 2006)
Report on vehicle/tyre/road noise emission limits (beginning 2008)
Simulation tool for road/tyre modelling (beginning 2008)