Sub-Project F

Sub-Project F: Road Surface
SP F considers the integral design and maintenance of lower noise road surfaces in urban areas. Particular attention is given to surfacing technologies that are appropriate for congested streets with road features such as inspection covers or streets that suffer from frequent interventions due to sub-surface street works. New surface types will also be developed for use on roads for medium to high speed traffic (50 to 100 kph), which are typical for city ring roads and city arterial roads carrying heavy traffic close to often densely populated living areas. The sub-project also includes the development of technologies ensuring that low noise surfaces maintain their cost-effective acoustic performance throughout their lifetime.


Promising New Road Surfaces for Testing
Overview of Technologies and Systems to Detect Pavement Discontinuities Including Assessment of Importance to Noise Reduction
State of the Art on Noise Classification Methods
User Manual: Equipment Specification, Calibration Method, Measurement Procedure