Sub-Project G

Sub-Project G: Rail Infrastructure & Operation
Efficient noise reduction for rail traffic requires an integrated approach including both railway vehicles and infrastructure. Starting from thorough analyses of existing ‘hot spots’ in urban areas with reported noise problems, typical situations will be identified and characterised in terms of noise source, noise level and annoyance. SP G will develop highly efficient infrastructure-base noise reduction technologies for these hot spots to implement solutions and to validate their efficiency.

The following public reports will become available in the course of the project:

Prediction of the effect of damping on corrugation of the rail head (Autumn 2006)
Validation platform test concerning optimised components (beginning 2008)
Guidelines (beginning 2008):
– for design, vehicle allowance, maintenance, operation of depots and shunting yards

– for best practice of depots in terms of preferred layout, improved processes and desirable behaviour of users of the depot

– on the use of auralisation tools in communicating with residents around railway stations and depots