Time to Travel: Stream of Consciousness

After months of internal debate and turmoil, I have finally decided to pull the trigger and begin traveling. I have little thought of where to go or what to do while there, but for now the simple decision to travel is a huge step in the right direction. I have decided to travel north initially. I am going to see my sister and her new husband, Austin.

Recently I have decided to begin traveling. This decision has met a wide array of very different responses. Many people I talk to think it will be a complete disaster, and that within a couple months I will likely have to return to my home town of Hutchinson, Kansas; Others are slightly more optimistic, however, even they who think I will have a success journey are still skeptical of my decision.

I have decided to travel north initially. My sister, Tara and her new husband, Austin live in Kansas City. I figured I could hit them up for a free night’s stay on their couch for a night or two before continuing on to Rochester, NY. This is where my high school friend Brett is volunteering for a year with the Mennonite Volunteer Service (MVS). I am really pumped to see him, and can’t wait to arrive and experience his new, though temporary, home. Brett has offered to let me couch surf for a week or so and to show me around the city.

As far as work, in other words “money” is concerned; I am not sure exactly what I am going to do. To date I have saved up 6 thousand dollars and change. Personally I think this is more than enough money to live off for quite a while, but if need be I will likely end up getting a job somewhere. In fact I have thought about what exactly I want to do in regards to getting a job. I am leaning toward three different options.

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The first option, more of a long shot honestly, would be to try and get a job auctioning somewhere. I think this would be a sweet option. The problem is getting the “in” with an auction company of which I know no one. I have been thinking about this option in regards to the Auction Market, the consignment auction house that my family runs. I have asked myself for example, “What if a traveler came offering his auctioneering skill to my father? Would Dad even consider hiring him, as a general worker or an auctioneer? Would I?” While I think it definitely is a long shot there is a chance that this will work. Especially if I am flexible, which I will be, and if I can prove that I am a hard worker and a decent auctioneer. Who knows!

The second option I have considered would be to get a job at a camp of some sort, whether as a counselor, in the kitchen staff or maintenance staff, I am not sure. The dream would be to head to Colorado. Having my room and board paid for and making a few bucks would be superb.

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